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Peace is not just our eternal destination, it’s a current reality for those who follow Christ.

Kelsey Irwin used to believe that a bubble bath or a quiet spot in the mountains were her only
chances to experience peace in this loud and chaotic world. When she read scriptures about
peace, she assumed it was something she’d only get to experience fully in heaven. Growing up
in a home where hawks flew around the dinner table, pursuing a career in education for kids in
the midst of unruly puberty, and later marrying a man who—though tricking her into running an
actual race—helped her create a boisterous household of six, she was an unlikely candidate for
opportunities to “be still and know.” Despite all that, or perhaps because of it, Kelsey kept
returning to the bible only to find real peace was offered for the gritty here and now.

In her debut book, Kelsey shares a behind-the-curtain peek at her life, while offering accessible
biblical teaching on a topic that is often hard to grab hold of and describe. God spent the last 20
years gently showing her what peace is, what it isn’t, how he gives it, and how we can be a part
of living in it. Using humor and humility, Kelsey relates her findings to readers in a way that
connects and challenges without condemning.

This book is an invitation to know, embrace, and embody the real and lasting peace of Christ in
the midst of messes, transitions, griefs, relationships, and noises we’re surrounded with in this
world. The pages of this book will point you to peace that is for here, for now, and for you.


Attendeth My Way: Peace for Here and Now

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