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Legacy Session 

I was elbow deep in flour and bread dough, kneading and nourishing. A yeasty smell poured over the kitchen and I was immediately taken back to my grandmother's kitchen. I could see her flour-covered hands and hear the crackling of fresh bread crust. And I thought, "What a legacy that woman has left." Obviously the heritage goes beyond incredible bread, but as my children clamored onto the counter, reaching for their own mound of dough, I wished that I had documented time in the kitchen with my grandma and my mother.


This got me thinking about all the things our unique families do together; the things we pass on to the next generation. It may be baking together before Thanksgiving. It may be running the family flower or auto shop. Maybe your dad teaches your son how to grow tomatoes in the garden in his backyard.  Maybe your family runs a large farm operation, with three generations at the helm of the tractors. A legacy session would ensure you capture these beautiful and sacred traditions. I come and am a fly on the wall, capturing the little moments of your time that would otherwise be forgotten. In booking a legacy session, you won't just have to pass down your grandma's bread recipe, but you can pass down the images of her time-weathered hands in the dough.  Prices and details at bottom of page after gallery. 



-All day coverage, following the daily routines of the family business/farm/you name it

- 500+ edited and retouched photos in online gallery 

-digital downloads and print release



- 2 hours of shooting at one location

- 100+ edited and retouched photos in online gallery 

-digital downloads and print release

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