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About Me

I was 17 when I learned how to develop my photos in a darkroom, and I can still remember the smell of the chemicals, the red glow washing over my skin as I bathed a negative in developer. I would slowly, slowly pull out the fresh photo, clip it to a string at eye level, and watch the magic. I would watch the image appear --washed out at first, and then slowly darkening to the truer tones. It was an image I had deemed worthy enough to push the shutter down on when I only had 24 chances on a roll. 

That 17 year old girl is still inside me now, as I continue to choose which moments, which laughs, which held-hands are the ones I want to push my shutter button upon. And while digital photography and post-processing have changed the photography game, learning manually and in a red-lit dark room taught me how to savor the littlest moments and capture them from my viewfinder. 


I went to college to become a high school Language Arts teacher, a career I loved until I began staying home with my [four] children. And while my degree may not be in photography, it is in stories. I love the uniqueness of each character, the way different settings create different feelings, and I love watching stories unfold before me. And that is what I have found in photography as well-- I get to be a part of your story, and I get to capture the unique qualities and feelings that only you and your family can portray; I get to do a very small part in capturing the beauty of your story in photographs you can cherish forever.  


I absolutely love my time with clients. I know a lot of people get picture-anxiety, and I try to make everyone as comfortable as possible. I know every parent is worried their children won't cooperate-- and I'm here to let you know I will not judge when your two year old has a meltdown. I will not judge you if you bribe your child with m&ms. Or ice cream. Or McDonalds. Or 28 hours of television. I get it. I'm for you! :) Chasing around toddlers and trying to make them laugh and not have a nervous breakdown is one of my favorite things. And at the end of an engagement session when a groom-to-be tells me "well that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" I know I've done my job well ;) I love to laugh with you, and will hike up hills and get in water and do whatever it takes to make the session enjoyable and produce a great product. 

I've been taking pictures professionally for over ten years, but long before I was a photographer and even before I was in the dark room as a teenager, I was a fan of people. And that is why this job is such a gift, as it has allowed me the chance to meet so many wonderful people, and spend some monumental days and moments with them.  It's safe to say I owe my success to all my wonderful and supportive clients who trust me and refer me. Thank you for allowing me to keep telling stories. 


Contact Me

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Tel: 816.752.1152

Thanks for starting the conversation! 

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