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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pick the location? Do you travel to me for a session?

I will always have suggestions for great locations where I have scouted the lighting and layout to create beautiful photos, but if you have an idea, feel free to chat with me about it.  30 miles out of Maysville, Mo. requires a minimum of an hour shoot and travel costs.


Do you shoot sessions all year?

Depending on the sessions, yes. I am always up for a snowy session if you are! Prime outdoor time for sessions in Missouri is usually April-October, and there are limited spots available. I usually book 1 month in advance, and if you are wanting a fall session [September-October] I recommend booking 2 months in advance. 

What time of day do you shoot?

I prefer to shoot in the evening around sunset. It gives that golden glow [if there aren't any clouds!] and lets us play with light in fun ways. I can be flexible though and can find locations that work throughout the day.  I have even shot sunrise sessions which, if the sleep is out of your eyes ;), is a different type of beautiful light than at sunset. 

How do you deliver the pictures? Do I have to order prints through you?

You will receive and email from me after your session with a link to an online digital gallery and instructions with how to download them.  Since each gallery comes with downloads, you can print from anywhere for you and your family. 


Is there a printing option you recommend?

I always tell clients to avoid one hour photo, and the colors and quality are compromised quite a bit. The absolute best quality I have found online is Mpix. Be sure to always select "do not color correct" when ordering prints though, as I have already post-processed all the images for you.  


What if it rains?

If it rains... I am always up for an adventure! :) But if you have small children or prefer to stay dry we can easily reschedule. I always keep my eye on the radar and try not to reschedule until 3 hours before shoot. Missouri weather is tricky. 


What should we wear?

I want you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! What makes you feel beautiful? What showcases your kid's personality? Do you ALWAYS wear a hat? Then bring it along!  Gone are the days of solid, matching colors in front of a blue screen. If you have no idea where to even begin I always suggest this too: look around your home? What color or colors do you seem to be drawn to displaying there? That is probably a color palette you love and, when you print your pictures, your outfits will match the décor! Win, win!   But if you are at a complete loss, shoot me a message and I'm happy to brainstorm with you. You would be shocked at how many pictures I receive of outfits laid out on the floor :) 


What is the retainer fee? How do I pay for my session?

I have four small kids. Sometimes they go to bed perfectly fine but wake up the next day puking. I get it. And for this reason I do not require a retainer when you book your session [this is a little different for weddings]. I trust my clients to be honest and show up, but sometimes kids get sick, or loved ones pass, or a spouse breaks their leg and doesn't want to take pictures in a cast!  I understand. We can reschedule. That session slot is valuable though, so if you know in advance at all, please let me know so I can book someone else if you will be unavailable. The session fee is due the day of the session and can be paid in check, cash, or through cash-app. 


Where are your prices listed?

All pricing is listed at the bottom of each portfolio page. 

How many images will I receive?

The number of images per session you book is listed at the bottom of each portfolio page. I usually give more than the promised number, but guarantee the listed number due to amount I can take in session times.  I have a minimum number of images because I know that I can for sure deliver that many no matter how the session goes. But sometimes kids have their own ideas or the weather is tricky. Like I said, I usually give more but that is the amount promised due to unknowns. All images are fully edited when delivered in your online gallery. 


I have an idea for a session you don't have listed in your portfolio. Can I contact you about my idea?

Of course! I am always up for creative ideas and fitting my clients needs. Let's chat!  


Do you supply props for shoots?

Unless it is a mini shoot that I have styled, no. But you are always allowed to bring any props you'd like! Small chairs are great for toddlers, favorite quilts, etc. Do you play guitar? Bring it! Have a lot of family picnics? Bring your basket along and we can incorporate that into your shoot. I love being creative but more than anything I love capturing what best tells your story, so if props are needed to do that then please bring them along! 




So what happens AFTER my shoot?

My first goal is that you drive away from the shoot feeling great and having had fun. Then in 2 weeks or less you will receive your email from me with your online gallery to enjoy forever! Weddings and Legacy shoots contain many more images, so they will have a bit longer delivery time. 


If you have a question that was not addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out!  



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